Simple Website Designing

Making it easy for Small Businesses
Sports Clubs, and Social Groups
to have a website!


COVID19 has made it challenging to find potential customers or members.
If your business or group doesn’t have a way for them to find and contact you online they will find someone else who does have a website.

🖥🤔A simple website will allow people to read a little about your business, club, or group online then email inquires to you from the website at the click of a button. Provide information on your website that people frequently ask questions about like hours of operation, location, menu or price sheets, requirements to join, etc. to make it a valuable time saving resource that works for you 24/7. Your photos and logos can be incorporated too. Your responsive website will be easily viewed on PCs, tablets and phones.

🌟Web Designer Kim Crinella has been creating websites since 1998. Kim understands how tight money is right now for everyone and how continuing to have customers or members is important for the survival of any business or club during this challenging time. Kim is willing to barter/trade services, items or cash in exchange for simple web design services.

Bartering/Trading lets you use services you offer or items you already have instead of money!

😁👍Kim will consider all barter offers. Kim is located on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii but will consider offers from elsewhere for barters that don’t require shipping. Kim will also accept cash (through PayPal or Venmo) or credit card/debit card for those not located on Oahu. Kim’s web design services for barter/trade will be available throughout the COVID19 pandemic and until further notice.

🤓🤙In addition to bartering Kim also accepts cash, credit card (mc, visa, amex, discover) or debit card as well as payment by PayPal and Venmo.
Click here to see website design package pricing with descriptions of what is included.

Kim makes having a website for your
Small Business, Sports Club, or Social Group
easy even if you have no money!

Sometimes what you already have is worth more than cash!